Description of the downloads available for Babylscript
Updated Oct 29, 2012


Babylscript is implemented as a modification to the Mozilla Rhino JavaScript engine. As such, it is made available under the same license of MPL1.2/GPL2.


The main source code repository for Babylscript is at GitHub. Go there to get the current development version of the code.

The first is the file of Babylscript packaged as a compiled Java .jar file. This jar file can be used to execute simple Babylscript programs encoded as UTF-8 text files.

The second is the file with the modified Rhino source code. It contains only the code for the main Rhino engine. Rhino also contains various code for testing and tools that are not included. There is also a directory with some JUnit tests for Babylscript.

Release Notes


  • Added support for an Esperanto translation provided by Mathieu Stumpf Guntz
  • Added a limited Polish translation


  • Added support for Italian, Swahili, and Indonesian/Malaysian


  • Fixed up bugs in the Babylscript to JS compiler involving hexadecimal numbers and function statements inside functions


  • Added proper handling of loops iterating over the properties of objects in the Babylscript to JavaScript compiler


  • Added a tool for compiling Babylscript to JavaScript
  • Added an initial Turkish translation
  • Updated the French and Bengali translations


  • Updated the Korean translation


  • Updated the release with preliminary support for Korean and Bengali
  • Updated the release with support for Japanese, German, and Russian


  • Added in initial support for Spanish


  • Added in initial Hindi support


  • Fixed some bugs that occurred during the rewrite that caused some error message to be lost and caused the English version of Babylscript to fail on non-English computers
  • Updated the Chinese translation


  • Moved Babylscript source code repository to GitHub where Rhino is too
  • Rearchitected and rewrote Babylscript code to integrate more cleanly into Rhino (e.g. language tags are now optional extensions to the intermediate representation instead of rewriting the intermediate representation to force everything to track language information)


  • Changed the behavior of Babylscript so that it will localize numbers during number to string conversions


  • Added support for starting the interpreter using a default language other than English and for loading in a new simple translation at runtime
  • Switched the French translation to use jeter for throw and not lancer


  • Tweaked the Arabic translation
  • Adjusted the translation .properties files so that documentation about the translations could be automatically generated from them


  • Added initial support for Arabic
  • Arabic language mode can be referred to using either "ar" or "عربي"


  • French and Romanian now use commas as a decimal separator in numbers
  • Semi-colons can now be used instead of commas in these common places to help avoid ambiguity when using commas as a decimal separator: function arguments, array literals, and object literals


  • Added an alert function to the command-line runner harness


  • Initial Romanian translation has been added


  • French translation is now complete enough to be usable
  • Support for iteration and deleting a translation


  • Initial release of Babylscript with basic multilingual framework in place